Fair exhibitors give ordinary objects new lives
时间:2016-12-04 【返回列表】

Yang Mei


DID you ever imagine that one day your makeup mirror could monitor skin health and offer skin-care suggestions accordingly? Or that you could draw a flower with your pen and you would get a real one the minute you put your pen down?

At the 4th China (Shenzhen) International Design Fair running from Sunday to Tuesday, your dreams might just come true.

Inspired by the mirror in the fairy tale “Snow White” and the super housekeeper Jarvis in the movie “Iron Man,” Neo Wang, founder and CEO of Accompany Tech Co. in Shenzhen, and his team designed the AMIRO Future Intelligent Mirror, the first smart mirror in China.

According to Wang, AMIRO is not just a mirror, it has transformed from an ordinary mirror into a smart one which is high-tech and more functional.

He said, “AMIRO has four main functions. First, it can accompany the user and pop up cosmetics-related information on the surface while the user is putting on makeup; second, it can monitor the user’s skin health on a daily basis and offer skin-care suggestions accordingly; third, it can entertain the user by playing songs and videos; fourth, the user can record videos of them putting on makeup through the camera on the mirror and then share the video on the Internet.”

With the video-recording and instant-sharing functions, the CEO said the mirror, which is still a concept product, would be popular with beauty bloggers in the future. Once released in the market, the mirror will be priced at more than 10,000 yuan (US$1,481).

Innozen, a local design company, gives pens new lives by creating CreoPop 3D Pen, the world’s first 3-D printing pen that uses cool ink.

With the pen, you can draw 3-D objects with ease. Just press the button and create any shape you like. According to the marketing department of the company, this pen is kid-friendly since it uses cool ink and built-in LED lights, which means there are no hot parts and unpleasant odors. Unlike other 3-D pens which can only print horizontally, CreoPop 3D Pen enables users to print on a vertical level.

The pen is currently only available in the United States and is priced at US$89.